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Sole E25 Elliptical

US-based Sole Fitness is known for producing durable and ergonomic fitness equipment. Their most basic elliptical trainer, the Sole E25, is a mid-priced unit that many reviewers rate a best buy.

Elliptical Hits: What You Get

  • Great warranty – Sole shows confidence in the E25 elliptical by including a lifetime warranty on the frame and three years for other parts and labor.
  • Programs – The E25 has just six built-in programs, but users have endless workout options with iFit personal training.
  • Ergonomics – Some special ergonomic features on the E25 include uniquely tilted pedals, molded hand grips, and extra smooth dual-wheel rollers.
  • Tilted pedals – The angled pedals on Sole elliptical trainers are designed to protect the ankles and knees from strain. The 2-degree tilt is unique to Sole ellipticals.
  • Long stride – Sole’s E series features ellipticals with 20” strides. (The E95 can also be adjusted for shorter users.)
  • Incline – The elliptical’s entire workout surface can be tilted from 15 to 30 degrees to help users exercise different muscle groups and burn calories even more efficiently.
  • Heavy flywheel – This machine’s heavy flywheel helps ensure a smooth elliptical motion and effective resistance.
  • High weight capacity – The sturdy E25 weighs 180 pounds and has a 325-pound capacity.


  • Extras – In addition to providing great workout basics, Sole includes an MP3 hookup and built-in speakers.

Overall Rating for the Sole E25 Elliptical Trainer


Sole’s E25 elliptical is an excellent machine for beginners and serious athletes alike. It offers a healthy stride, an incline, and high quality parts that can be expected to endure. This machine is highly recommended for its combination of ergonomic basics and enjoyable extras like iFit technology and an MP3 player.

  • May 24, 2010
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Sole Fitness Ellipticals

Sole Fitness, a manufacturer in Salt Lake City, is known for producing high-quality fitness equipment. Their durable, attractive machines are produced for better hotel chains and the upscale home market. Sole’s six elliptical models include the E20E25, E35, E55E95, and E98.

Brand Features of Sole Ellipticals

  • Great warranty – Sole shows confidence in its ellipticals by including a lifetime warranty on frames, up to five years for other parts, and two years of in-home labor.
  • Ergonomics – Sole trainers are designed for user comfort. Some special ergonomic features include uniquely tilted pedals and extra-smooth rollers.
  • Tilted pedals – The pedals on Sole elliptical trainers were developed with a physical therapist. Their slight tilt helps protect the ankles and knees from strain.
  • Heavy flywheels – Heavy flywheels promote fluid motion and let users try additional resistance levels. The Sole brand features some of the heaviest flywheels in the ellipticals industry.
  • Long stride – The entire E series (E25-E95) features 20” strides. The E95’s stride can be adjusted for shorter users too.
  • High weight capacity – Sole ellipticals offer almost twice the carrying capacity of those by other brands. The E95, Sole’s top model, has a 400-pound capacity.

Overall Rating for Sole Ellipticals


Sole customers are almost uniformly satisfied with their elliptical purchases. Whether you purchase the basic Sole E20 or the top-of-the-line Sole E98, you’ll enjoy the comfort and reliability of a commercial-quality machine.