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Proform 650 CardioCross Elliptical

Proform 650 CardioCross Elliptical – Low End & Lacking

ProForm’s 650 elliptical might seem like a low-risk buy considering its $300 price tag, but we advise shoppers to steer clear. This shameful model will soon shimmy with loose screws and won’t survive for long past its 90 day warranty. Really, ProForm, it seems irresponsible to pour valuable electronic bits and other resources into a product that’s soon destined for the dumpster.

As for other ProForm CardioCross models, the 675 CardioCross is also a dud but the 900 is durable. Now discontinued, it sells for about $600 or less. For other reliable ProForm values in the sub-$1000 category, look for a ProForm 20.0 or StrideSelect. These trainers have clearance prices but get good reviews.

Features of the ProForm 650 CardioCross (A discontinued elliptical trainer)

The Proform 650 CardioCross is billed as an affordable fat-burning cardio trainer. Its features include:

  • Synchronized upper body/lower body workout
  • Manually adjustable resistance
  • LCD console
  • Pulse monitor
  • 4 preset workouts
  • Warranty: 90 days
  • MSRP: $299

This features list is typical for low-budget elliptical trainers.

What could you get for more money? Trainers priced at around $800 and up have digital resistance instead of manual resistance. Digital resistance enables a trainee to change their challenge level during a workout. Many ellipticals have programming that automatically changes the digital resistance to help trainees meet certain calorie-burning goals within a specified time period.

Some other advantages of more expensive trainers include durability, long warranties, greater program variety and adjustable strides.

Popular Opinion of the ProForm 650 CardioCross Elliptical

Personal trainers just say “No” to the ProForm 650. They know that at just 85 pounds it provides little resistance and a wobbly ride. The manufacturer’s decision to not publish a stride length is suspicious too.

Customer reviews indicate that plenty of these units break down within a few months of purchase. One common complaint is that the flywheel stops working and can only be repaired by a ProForm technician — a person who doesn’t necessarily arrive within a timely manner. Another common complaint is breakage along the frame’s welding. We’ve actually never heard that complaint with any other elliptical machine. Tip: Avoid plastic frames and insist on steel!

Our Overall Review of the

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ProForm 650 CardioCross Elliptical

There’s no doubt about it: The ProForm 650 gets one of our lowest elliptical trainer ratings ever. It’s lighter than virtually any customer’s body weight, it’s squeaky, it has few programs and it breaks down within a few dozen workouts. This $300 contraption is a far cry from ProForm’s 900 CardioCross and other ProForm clearance items that we’d readily recommend.

Remember that when you’re buying an elliptical trainer, a few hundred dollars can make a big difference. Your body and your bank account will thank you in the long run if you invest in a more expensive machine. Just as you can’t buy a reliable car for less than a certain amount of money, you can’t get a good elliptical trainer for less than $700 or $800.

  • December 2, 2012
  • ProForm

Proform 320 Elliptical

Proform 320 Elliptical – A Very Basic Crosstrainer

The 320 elliptical machine is one of ProForm Fitness’s most inexpensive crosstrainers. This model has been discontinued and was last priced at around $399. With most budget elliptical machines costing at least $799 when new, the 320’s low clearance price might draw your positive attention – but buyer beware! The exceptionally low price should be taken as a warning sign. Indeed, the ProForm 320E is a wobbly and noisy contraption with a mere 90-day warranty. Even a budget elliptical trainer should have a one-year warranty.

This elliptical review presents features of the ProForm 320E and various critiques. It ends by suggesting some specific alternatives. You can also check our elliptical review comparison charts to find better elliptical trainers in any price category.

Features of the ProForm 320E Elliptical Machine (Discontinued)

The 320E elliptical is among ProForm’s most basic fitness machines.  Features include:

  • Moving handlebars
  • Magnetic resistance
  • 10 resistance levels
  • 6 personal training programs
  • LCD console
  • Hand grip pulse monitor
  • Cool Aire workout fan
  • Warranty: 90 days

The console shows speed, time, distance, calories and pulse. The workout fan has two speeds.

ProForm doesn’t indicate the weight of this elliptical trainer’s rear drive. When an elliptical’s drive (the flywheel) is heavy enough to provide good resistance and a smooth ride, manufacturers are quick to point it out. This machine’s light drive helps explain its poor ergonomics.

Popular Opinion of the ProForm 320

Physical trainers consistently disapprove of cheap elliptical trainers and especially give the ProForm 320E a thumb’s down. It’s too light to provide safe or efficient workouts.

Customers complain about this model’s noisiness. ProForm’s advertising a “Silent Magnetic Resistance” braking system is laughable. In fact, customer reviews say that their ProForm 320Es have become so loud, it’s almost impossible to enjoy music or follow TV programs while working out.

Our Overall Review

The inexpensive ProForm 320E elliptical is very cheaply made. With its paltry three-month warranty, it’s simply not a good value. You’d be better off spending the $299 on a gym membership or putting it towards a more reliable fitness machine.

What are some better buys? ProForm does fill an important niche in the elliptical trainer industry; the company produces plenty of sub-$1000 crosstrainers while many competitors start at $1200 and up. Among clearance models, a better-quality yet affordable ProForm is the StrideSelect. It offers three fixed strides (11”, 13” and 16”) for highly targeted muscle toning. This unit costs about $599 or less since it’s been discontinued.

A few other brands offer good discount elliptical trainers. We especially like Ironman Fitness, a company known for its not-so-flashy yet remarkably durable models. A four-star rating goes to the Ironman’s 420E. This discontinued elliptical trainer has a short but very smooth stride and now sells for less than $700.

  • December 2, 2012
  • ProForm

ProForm Crossover Elliptical Strength Trainer

ProForm Crossover Elliptical Strength Trainer – A Multi-Purpose Machine for Cardio Training, Fat Loss & Strength

A serious crosstrainer, the Crossover elliptical by Proform supports intense cardio training, fat burning and strength training workouts. This unique hybrid supports comprehensive workouts providing significant upper body and lower body resistance. It has an 18” elliptical stride and converts to a sit-down machine offering 65 weight-bearing exercises. These are accomplished with weight bars and pulleys.

Originally priced at $999, this discontinued ProForm is now sold online for less than $700. It’s a good value for those who insist on buying a complete gym at a low cost. However, some customers find the machine cumbersome to convert and think it has an awkward feel. We generally recommend putting your money toward better fitness equipment.

Features of the ProForm Crossover (A Discontinued Elliptical Machine & Strength Trainer)

ProForm’s innovative Crossover elliptical trainer converts to another sort of resistance machine when the user pulls up a hidden seat, makes a few other adjustments and then uses the attached pulleys and resistance bars. The specs list includes:

  • 18” elliptical stride
  • High & low arm pulleys
  • 6 preset elliptical programs
  • 10 preset crossover programs
  • Supports 65 types of exercise
  • Durable steel frame
  • Electromagnetic resistance
  • LCD console window
  • 250-pound user capacity
  • 90-day warranty
  • 71”L x 27”L x 85”H

While most of the list is appealing, the short warranty is alarming. Be sure to add the price of an extended warranty to any sale price you see.

Popular Opinion of the ProForm Crossover

Physical trainers generally prefer to keep fitness machines devoted to one or two types of exercise, especially when the machines are low-priced. The manufacturer’s overzealousness usually means that something will suffer. In this case, ProForm cut corners by not providing enough stability despite the advertised weight capacity. Another drawback is the somewhat complicated conversion process and poor ergonomics.

Customers agree that this trainer is more awkward to use than they’d expected. Still, many give positive reviews. They highlight the compact size and

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wide variety of exercise options. The maximum resistance of 257 pounds is more than enough for most men and women.

Our Review of the ProForm Crossover

We tend to agree with physical trainers: This machine is overly ambitious and falls short of great expectations. We’re especially leery of the short warranty. Admittedly though, the Crossover Elliptical Strength Trainer is probably the best elliptical plus all-in-one gym you could find for the price.

In our view, a better option for most people is to buy a traditional elliptical trainer and invest in free weights to get upper body strength training. When you can afford to spend more, you might consider a high-end all-in-one product like the Cybex Arc Trainer or possibly just an elliptical trainer with an adjustable stride and moving arms.

For a quick overview of elliptical machine prices, ratings and features, see our elliptical machine comparison charts.

  • December 2, 2012
  • ProForm

ProForm Perspective 1000 Elliptical with TV

ProForm Perspective 1000 Elliptical with TV – Plenty of Programs, Good Overall Value

If you’d love to watch TV while exercising, check out the Perspective 1000 elliptical trainer by ProForm. A small cable-ready flat screen TV is built into the console to help half-hour exercise sessions fly by. Other appealing features include great elliptical machine basics: quiet resistance, plenty of programming and a healthy 18” stride with forward and reverse motion.

Once selling for $1299 at, the popular Perspective 1000 has now been discontinued. It’s made way for new front-drive favorites including the 1200 E and the 990 CSE.

Features of the Perspective 1000 Elliptical Trainer (Discontinued)

The ProForm Perspective’s 7” screen functions as both a television and a place to check workout data. A toggle function lets you easily switch between views. Of course, the joys of Nick at Nite aside, it’s really about the exercise – and this trainer has it covered. The Perspective

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1000 includes ProForm’s Target Pacer, a light that changes color to indicate when a person should speed up, slow down or keep the same pace in order to meet fitness goals. This is very useful for trainees using manual mode. If you’d rather not use manual mode, you can choose from 20 workouts that were designed by a certified personal trainer. The console also includes two heart rate workouts and two user-designed “learn workouts.”

Here’s the full features list:

  • Front drive
  • 18″ stride with reverse motion
  • Oversized GelStride™ pedals
  • 15 resistance levels
  • 24 workout programs
  • 7” TV screen
  • Club Design Biologic™ Heart Rate Monitor
  • CoolAire™ workout fan
  • 275-lb. capacity
  • Warranty: 1 year parts & labor; 7 years brake; lifetime frame

Popular Opinion of the ProForm Perspective 1000

Although this crosstrainer isn’t entirely free of cheap parts, fitness experts give it a stamp of approval for supporting healthy exercise and being an overall good buy. ProForm’s patented Silent Magnetic Resistance provides a smooth and frictionless ride and the 18” elliptical footpath is just right for many users.

Customers give this ProForm great reviews too, writing that this model provides an affordable way to get almost gym-quality workouts at home. The 18” stride with reverse motion is experienced as very low-impact, just as it should. This lets people exercise for longer time periods and get fast results.

Our Overall Review

There’s no doubt that those who found the Proform Perspective 1000 elliptical got an enjoyable, effective and reasonably durable workout machine. If you can find this discontinued model, we recommend going for it.

The newer ProForm ellipticals on offer don’t compare. That is, they don’t have TVs. They do have exercise-related upgrades that matter, such as longer strides, adjustable strides and steep inclines.

Some other elliptical machines with TVs are:

  • The HealthRider 8.5 EX – an otherwise average crosstrainer
  • The Matrix E7 XE – a very expensive commercial elliptical trainer
  • The Precor 546i -a luxury elliptical that’s worth its price
  • December 2, 2012
  • ProForm

ProForm 1050 STS Elliptical

ProForm 1050 STS Elliptical

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– Right Features, Wrong Price

The ProForm 1050 STS elliptical gets a whole lot right: abundant workout programming, a sound system for MP3s, movable handlebars and a smooth low-impact ride. Besides all that, it looks great! Even so, we call it overpriced. Comparable combinations of elliptical trainer features can be found for less than this ProForm’s $1799 sticker price. You might find a bargain though since the 1050 STS has been discontinued.

If you don’t find a deal on this model, be sure to check out its competitors. Referring to our elliptical machine comparison charts is an easy way to get started.

Features of the ProForm 1050 STS (Discontinued)

The ProForm’s 1050 STS looks inviting with its brushed nickel finish and convenient front drive design. Measuring just 64.4″ L x 25″ W, this trainer is compact yet remarkably stable. Its user weight capacity is 300 pounds.

The 1050 STS is controlled with a convenient touch screen. The backlit display shows time, speed, distance, calories burned, resistance and heart rate. The console is loaded with 20 personal trainer workouts plus four heart rate workouts. Exercise data for two users can be saved for up to ten years. Besides that, owners can use inexpensive iFit workout cards to get additional personal training sessions in eight-week increments.

The full features list includes:

  • Front Flywheel
  • 18″ Stride
  • Slip-Resistant Pedals
  • Power Incline, 10° to 30°
  • SMR™ Silent Magnetic Resistance, 12 levels
  • Upper-Body Workout Handlebars
  • 24 Workout Programs
  • iFit® Workout Card Technology
  • CoolAire™ Fan
  • Interplay™ Music Port™
  • CardioGrip™ Heart Rate Monitor
  • 300-Lb. Capacity
  • Warranty: Lifetime frame; 12 years brake; 1 year parts & labor

Popular Opinion of ProForm’s 1050 STS Elliptical

Fitness experts give this trainer some respect by pointing out its club-quality stability and traction control pedals. They also note that this ProForm has a heavier flywheel than others, sophisticated workout programs and a steep incline. Still, at $1799 it never ranked as a “Best Buy” elliptical machine.

Purchasers’ ProForm elliptical reviews tend to emphasize this

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trainer’s comfortable stride, steady feel and great programming. People like how the built-in personal trainer workouts automatically adjust the machine’s resistance for weight loss, aerobic or performance goals. Also, trainees like seeing their progress charted in the iFIT® Fitness Journal.

Our Overall Review of the ProForm 1050 Elliptical

Although the 1050 STS is appealing, we don’t see justification for its MSRP. For $1799 or less you can buy a Sole E95, which is definitely higher quality and feels like a commercial trainer. For $2000 or less you might even find a reconditioned elliptical trainer that has a decade or more of life in it.

If you’d really like the ProForm 1050 STS, check out the NordicTrack ASR 1000 for a price comparison. The NordicTrack is also made by ICON Fitness and is virtually the same model.

  • December 2, 2012
  • ProForm