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Octane xR5000 Elliptical


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Seated Elliptical Trainer with Lower Body Emphasis

Octane has recently seen a surge in popularity thanks to Oprah Winfrey: Octane ellipticals were listed among her “favorite things” for 2012. Here we look at ere wH

Octane’s seated ellipticals, which are also known as elliptical bikes or recumbent elliptical trainers. The xR5000 in this review is the less expensive of Octane’s two commercial-quality options. It’s designed especially for toning and strengthening the lower body. The upgrade, xR6000, includes moving handlebars and an arm press for total body workouts.

Seated ellipticals are designed for people who have especially sensitive joints, back trouble or otherwise limited mobility. The seats are low to facilitate easy access from a wheelchair if needed. With thirty levels of intensity, Octanes can provide effective elliptical workouts for people at any fitness level.

Elliptical Hits: Great Features of the XR5000 Octane Elliptical

  • Excellent ergonomics – Exercise feels good with an Octane. The body is relieved of pressure with the recumbent design, a biomechanically-informed 17.5” elliptical path, oversized anti-slip pedals and a wide cushioned seat. The seat adjusts to 20 heights and has five tilt angles. The seat is low and easy to access.
  • Versatility – This recumbent elliptical does double duty. Reposition the pedals and you’ll have a leg press!
  • Entertainment – Octane’s recumbent ellipticals are ready to accept TV signals and interact with FitLinxx. Entertainment controls are included on the console, and a split-screen option lets you access TV and workout data at once.
  • Console – Choose from two consoles. One has a wireless TV receiver and the other has a standard screen. Both include easy access to 16 preset workouts, including four heart rate control programs. The other presets have the following names: Manual, Random, Interval, Custom Interval, Hill, 10K, fat Burn, Cardio, New Leaf Custom, Constant Watts, Constant METs, and 30:30. There’s also a program to use with the leg press.

Elliptical Misses: Drawbacks of the Octane XR5000

When you have a bank account like Oprah’s, maybe warranties aren’t a big concern. We would like to see a longer warranty offered for residential customers, one that reflects more accurately how long the machine ought to endure. Right now the company only includes a commercial warranty. It includes lifetime protection on the frame, three years on parts and a year of labor. Commercial warranties are relatively short because they assume heavy use.

Overall Rating for Octane’s XR5000 Elliptical Machine

Octane is absolutely a leader in the recumbent elliptical industry. We’d recommend the xR5000 to those with body pain or limited mobility who are only interested in gym exercise for the lower body. We prefer the upgrade, the xR6000, for its addition of upper body workouts.

Octanes cost a pretty penny, but when shopping for a high-end recumbent bike like this one, you have few brands to choose from. Competitors in this price/quality range are Precor, HCI and Stridewell.

  • December 22, 2012
  • Octane

Octane xR650 Elliptical Trainer

A Quality Elliptical Bike with Wireless Heart Rate Monitor

The Octane xR650 elliptical trainer is sometimes called an elliptical bike, a seated elliptical or a recumbent elliptical. By any name, this model is the simplest of its kind in Octane’s collection. That doesn’t mean it’s flimsy or inexpensive; Octane Fitness is known for high quality and above-average prices, and the Octane xR650 is derived from the commercial xR6000. Both models let the trainee choose between a full body workout and a lower body workout. They’re also also wired to accept LCD televisions and are compatible with FitLinxx, a computerized fitness management system.

Why choose an elliptical bike? Seated elliptical trainers or elliptical bikes are ideal for people with back pain, joint pain or otherwise limited mobility. They offer extremely efficient cardiovascular training and strength training while ensuring that the negative stress of exercise is minimized. Recumbent elliptical trainers are typically much more effective than traditional stationary bikes, and lab studies show that people burn almost 25% more calories with an Octane seated elliptical than with a conventional stationary bicycle. This machine also includes a chest press and a leg press.

Features of the Octane xR650

The Octane xR650 elliptical bike is loaded with 16 workouts and has 30 levels of resistance to accommodate people in need in rehabilitation as well as those at their prime. Some top features include wireless heart rate monitoring, heart rate controlled programs, a chest press and a leg press. Here’s a portion of the impressive specs list:

  • 30 levels of resistance (intensity)
  • 17.5” stroke length
  • Highly adjustable seat (20 height options and five tilt options)
  • 16 preset programs
  • Wireless heart rate monitor
  • Contact heart rate monitor
  • Reading rack
  • Water bottle holder
  • Accessory holder
  • Oversized pedals for comfort & endurance
  • Self-powered for energy efficiency
  • Ready to accept an LCD TV

Customer Reviews of Octane Ellipticals

Many health club pros have been won over by the Octane xR650. They recognize Octane’s exceptional craftsmanship and are excited by the addition of a chest press and leg press to a stationary elliptical bicycle. Other personal trainers automatically dismiss any machine that isn’t a Precor, since Precor is the inventor of ellipticals.

Residential buyers are generally less concerned about fitness equipment brand names, and they tend to be pleased with this product. However, not everybody takes advantage of all its possibilities (i.e., the arm press and leg press). You might feel as if you bought more than you needed.

Our Thoughts

If you’re in the market for a high-end recumbent elliptical trainer, Octane could be your new favorite brand. But be prepared: If you aren’t in the top 1% of income earners, your eyebrows might raise when you see the price tag. Unfortunately, there’s not much competition for elliptical bikes. Along with HCI (Health Care International), Octane

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realizes that it’s filling an important niche.

Before making a purchase, see what HCI and Precor offer in the recumbent bike department. Schwinn and a few others manufacture recumbent ellipticals too, but their quality is far beneath that of the aforementioned brands.

  • December 22, 2012
  • Octane

Octane Pro 4700 Elliptical

A Premium Commercial Elliptical with 18”-26” Stride

Experience Octane’s finest exercise equipment! The Octane Pro 4700 elliptical trainer has become a fast favorite in fancier fitness clubs. Its variable stride accommodates adults of almost any height, and it adjusts automatically to provide

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the right elliptical path length for walking, jogging or running. This machine can also be used in reverse to recruit muscles differently and get incredible tone. Besides that, there are optional accessories called Side Step and CROSS CiRCUIT that help people isolate different parts of the body. This truly all-in-one machine is ideal for cardio training and strength training alike.

Elliptical Hits: Fantastic Features of the Octane Pro 4700 Elliptical Trainer

  • Variable stride – A variable stride makes an elliptical machine suit just about anyone at home or the club. The Octane Pro 4700 automatically adjusts between 18” and 26” for a customized fit at any workout speed. Several built-in workouts take full advantage of this feature.
  • Ergonomic pedals – Never underestimate the power of a pedal! Octane’s pedals are cushioned and oversized for comfort. Even more important, they’re spaced just 1.8” apart to promote a healthy stride.
  • Bidirectional motion – Pedal backwards! You’ll develop your hamstrings and recruit other muscles that tend to be neglected. You can also reposition the pedals and use the Octane Pro 4700 as a leg press.
  • Programs – This premium Octane elliptical is loaded with 22 workout modes. These include standard elliptical workouts, such as a 10K run and a constant watts program, plus aerobic/anaerobic workouts and interactive heart rate control programs.
  • Side Steps –Side Steps is an optional accessory. It’s an attached platform that gives trainees the option of leaving the pedals during upper-body workouts.
  • CROSS CiRCUIT – CROSS CiRCUIT is a second optional product. It combines strength training and cardio. This accessory can be used by the lone exerciser but can also be a center point of elliptical classes.
  • Entertainment – This unit, like most Octane elliptical trainers, can be purchased with or without wiring to receive TV signals. It can also be used with the FitLinxx exercise tracking system.
  • Wireless pulse monitoring – Wireless heart
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    rate monitoring is included. You can also monitor your pulse via detectors on the handlebars, but the wireless option lets you use heart rate controlled workouts.

  • Green power – Eliminate electricity bills from fitness equipment! The Octane Pro 4700 generates its own power.
  • High capacity – The maximum user weight is 400 pounds.
  • Small footprint – This unit’s long stride doesn’t make it a behemoth. The footprint measures 31”W x 71” L.

Elliptical Misses: Drawback of the Octane Pro 4700

Just as we say in every Octane elliptical review, the warranty is short. You’ll get three years of parts protection and the first year of labor expenses. The frame is not covered. However, we expect that the frame will be just fine. The Pro 4700 weighs 340 pounds. Part of its high price is explained by the use of heavy gauge metal instead of plastic.

Overall Rating for Octane’s Pro 4700 Elliptical Machines

Well done, Octane! We award a full five stars despite this unit’s high price and less-than-stellar warranty. The vast majority of elliptical trainers pale in comparison with this machine. The Octane Pro 4700 has premium parts, engaging programming and excellent biomechanics. With an Octane around, just about anyone will be motivated to sculpt a gorgeous, healthy body.

  • December 21, 2012
  • Octane

Octane Pro 3700 Elliptical

A Commercial Elliptical with Strength-Training Extras

Step up to luxurious workout experience! The Octane Pro 3700 elliptical trainer is favored by exclusive fitness clubs. It provides excellent cross circuit training, includes special workouts that isolate the upper body and lower body, and can be

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purchased with a wireless TV receiver. This model also has an adjustable stride.

Elliptical Hits: Fantastic Features of the Octane Pro 3700 Elliptical Trainer

  • Adjustable stride – A healthy stride is essential to the elliptical workout experience. This unit has 20.5” and 24” settings to accommodate people of different heights and to help people focus on different muscle groups.
  • Ergonomic pedals – Octane’s pedals show off the company’s knowledge of biomechanics. The pedals are oversized and cushioned for comfort. They’re also textured to reduce slipping. Most importantly, they’re placed less than 2” apart to promote comfortable hip alignment.
  • Bidirectional motion – Pedal backwards! You’ll develop your hamstrings and recruit other muscles that tend to be neglected. You can also reposition the pedals and use the Octane Pro 3700 as a leg press.
  • Programs – This elliptical is loaded with 16 standard programs and three workout boosters: GluteKicker, ArmBlaster and the cross-training X-Mode. Most programs are customizable and can be used at 20 intensity levels.
  • Upper body workouts – An Octane feature called Side Steps gives trainees the option of abandoning the pedals during upper-body workouts. A stationary platform attached to the machine is at just the right height for trainees to focus on the back, chest, shoulders and arms.
  • CROSS CiRCUIT – CROSS CiRCUIT is a patented Octane accessory. It combines strength training and cardio. This accessory can be used by individual club members and by instructors leading group classes.
  • Wireless pulse monitoring – Wireless monitoring is included and works in conjunction with heart rate controlled programs. You can also monitor your pulse via detectors on the handlebars.
  • Low step-up – This trainer is close to the ground, so it’s relatively easy for people with impaired motion to access.
  • Green power – Electricity bills at home or the club won’t increase with this purchase. The Pro 3700 generates its own power.
  • Transferable warranty – Octane, unlike most elliptical machine manufacturers, permits the transfer of a warranty to a second buyer.
  • High capacity – The maximum user weight is 400 pounds.
  • Small footprint – This machine packs a lot of power into a small space. Each unit takes just 71” x 31” of floor space.

Elliptical Misses: Drawback of the Octane Pro 3700

Octane Fitness’s warranties aren’t as generous as others. You’ll get three years of parts protection and the first year of labor expenses. The frame is not covered under warranty.

Overall Rating for Octane’s Pro 3700 Elliptical Machines

Wow! When we review an Octane, other ellipticals start to look amateurish. The Pro 3700 boasts high-end components, has lots of engaging workouts, and stands out from other machines with its side platform and CROSS CiRCUIT accessory. By taking advantage of this luxury elliptical trainer at home or in a club, anybody can improve their fitness in a short period of time.

  • December 21, 2012
  • Octane

Octane Pro 310 Elliptical

A Compact Cross Trainer with a Long Bidirectional Stride

Octane Fitness’s elliptical trainers have made Oprah Winfrey’s list of “favorite things” for good reason. The compact Pro 310 is one of Octane’s most basic ellipticals but it’s still far ahead of the competition in terms of engineering and the workout quality provided. Trainees can get full body workouts or lock the handlebars and just focus on the lower body. There are ten preset workouts plus programs that Octane calls “workout boosters.”

The Pro 310 elliptical is suitable for busy clubs and private homes. Our only reservation about this product is its short warranty.

Elliptical Hits: Great Features of the Pro 310 Octane Elliptical

  • Long elliptical stride – The footpath of an elliptical trainer is critical. If it’s too short, you won’t be able to take full strides. The Pro 310 has a 20.5” elliptical path. Compare that with the choppy 12” path found on ultra-cheap elliptical trainers or the short 18” path that’s
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    used on other brands’ entry-level models!

  • Ergonomic pedals — Octane uses oversized pedals to allow for comfortable foot positioning. (With cheaper ellipticals, foot fatigue is a common complaint.) Also, the pedals are spaced just 1.8” apart. Pedal spacing or “Q factor” is best when it’s narrow; this setup helps align your body for healthy movement. When people use ellipticals with wider pedal spacing, they tend to develop pain in their hips.
  • Bidirectional motion – Move the pedals in reverse for incredible leg toning! Backwards pedaling helps develop hamstrings and other muscles that aren’t normally recruited for hard work.
  • Leg press – The pedals can be used for bidirectional low-impact elliptical workouts or as a leg press for strength training.
  • Multigrip handlebars – Octane thought of everything! Several grips are included on the handlebars to let trainees reposition their hands. This reduces the chance of developing strain from repetitive motion.
  • Programs – This recumbent elliptical is loaded with 10 standard programs and has boosters named X-Mode, GluteKicker and ArmBlaster. Each program can be used at 20 resistance levels.
  • Low step-up – Since this machine is close to the ground, it’s easy for just about anyone to mount and dismount. The design is also appreciated by people who have low ceilings in their home fitness rooms.
  • Wireless monitoring –– A high-end wireless heart rate monitor is included to help people make the most of each exercise session.
  • Transferable warranty – Octane is one of the very few fitness equipment manufacturers that lets warranties be transferred to a second buyer. However, the warranty is so short that we suspect this rarely occurs.

Elliptical Misses: Drawback of the Octane X

Octane’s warranty is very disappointing. Pro 310 customers receive just two years of parts protection and the first year of labor expenses.

Overall Rating for Octane’s Pro 310 Elliptical Machines

Octane ellipticals are no doubt among the best-built fitness machines in the world. If you choose this compact unit for your commercial gym, you’ll be able to fit more machines than if you went with another brand. Customers will absolutely appreciate the top-notch components, heart rate monitoring and effective preset programs. However, we hesitate to award a five-star review because the warranty is so short.

  • December 21, 2012
  • Octane
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