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Life Fitness 91Xi Cross Trainer

Save Big on the Refurbished Life Fitness 91Xi Cross Trainer

The Life Fitness 91Xi is a popular commercial cross trainer that debuted in 2006. Having enjoyed these cardio machines in fitness clubs, exercisers are now buying reconditioned versions of the 91Xi for in-home use. This is a smart way to get club-quality workouts at home for the next decade or so.

Reconditioned or overhauled elliptical trainers can be excellent buys. If you choose a commercial model like the 91Xi, you’ll save thousands on a unit that still has plenty of life. Unlike treadmills, most commercial elliptical trainers can be operated regularly for 15 years or more before complications arise.

Top Features of the 91Xi Elliptical Cross Trainer

This classy fitness equipment feels great with a 20” stride and 25 levels of smooth resistance. Trainees get forward and reverse pedaling for extra leg sculpting. Other perks include wiring for POLAR telemetry and an integrated reading rack. Here are the specs:

  • 20″ stride
  • Narrow pedal spacing
  • 25 intensity levels
  • 16 preset workouts (two with heart rate control)
  • Lifepulse™ hand sensors
  • Polar® telemetry (chest strap not included)
  • Two data display windows
  • Oversized non-slip pedals
  • Forward & reverse pedaling
  • 350-pound weight capacity
  • Transport wheels
  • Self-generating power or AC plug-in
  • Reading rack & accessory tray
  • Sturdy 235-pound frame

What’s Not to Like?


The 91Xi elliptical isn’t for every home or financial situation. These factors might make you think twice:

  1. Size: This commercial-sized trainer is too large for some households. It measures 83″L x 28″W x 61″H. Decent residential ellipticals, in contrast, are usually a foot shorter or so in length.
  2. Warranty: Like other reconditioned cross trainers, the 91Xi has a limited warranty. Most vendors will accept returns within one month.


What Customers & Personal Trainers are Saying about the 91Xi

This self-powered cross trainer is user-friendly and doesn’t rely on power from the grid. The Auto Start feature activates the console as soon as the user starts pedaling. Trainees like the ergonomically correct moving handlebars, the classic elliptical stride and on-the-fly programming.

Personal trainers look favorably upon the Life Fitness 90 series too.

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They consistently rank these machines among the best not only for their smooth rides but also for their smart programming. The heart rate workouts and other built-in routines are excellent for people pursuing advanced cardiovascular exercise. Some workout program names include Cardio, Fat Burn, Cross Train Aerobics, Kilimanjaro and Speed Training.

Our Overall Review of the Life Fitness 91Xi

Are you ready to trust a factory-reconditioned elliptical? If so, you can save thousands of dollars compared with buying equipment brand-new. This is an easy way to afford a commercial-quality elliptical trainer in your private home. Reconditioned Life Fitness ellipticals have been dismantled, cleaned and lubricated. They’ve also received replacement parts as needed.

This appealing machine isn’t the only reconditioned Life Fitness available. We also like the CT9100RD, a rear drive cross trainer that has even more programming. Generally speaking though, you’ll be pleased to have any reconditioned commercial trainer in your home if it fits. Reputable dealers such as Amazon sell reconditioned models by Life Fitness and other brands with a money-back guarantee.

Life Fitness CT9100RD Cross Trainer

Save $2000+ on the Life Fitness CT9100RD Cross Trainer

The Life Fitness CT9100RD Cross Trainer or Life Fitness 9100 elliptical trainer has graced health clubs and hotel fitness rooms worldwide. With reconditioned models now becoming available, you can have one of these high-end ellipticals in your home gym for a low price. How low? Although brand-new trainers cost about $5000, reconditioned units sell for $2350.

“Reconditioned” versus “Used”

Reconditioned elliptical trainers are virtually indistinguishable from brand-new models. After they’re returned by the original owner, they receive full makeovers that include new internal parts and bolts if needed, new cosmetic coatings and factory-fresh stickers.

These units are ready for many more years of reliable cardio training. Unlike treadmills, which fall victim to dust contamination and worn-out tracks, commercial elliptical trainers tend to work well for 15 years or more.

Top Selling Points of the CT9100RD Cross Trainer

Life Fitness customers get an excellent combination of high-quality components and workout options. Some of the more engaging workouts are named Around the World and Kilimanjaro. These virtually take trainees from rolling foothills to steep mountain paths. With each workout trainees get feedback on a large 7” x 15” LED. It shows calories burned and calories/hour, distance, time, watts, METs and RPMs.

Other specifications of this cross trainer are:

  • 19.5″ stride – ideal for most adults
  • 20 intensity levels
  • 25 preset workouts
  • Moveable arms for total training
  • Hand grip & wireless pulse sensors
  • Oversized pedals with non-slip treatment
  • Self-powered with optional plug
  • Sturdy 235-pound base
  • 350-lb. user weight capacity
  • Convenient transport wheels

Are There Any Drawbacks?


The Life Fitness 9100 elliptical isn’t for everyone. These factors might make you think twice:

  1. Size: This commercial-sized trainer is too large for some households. It measures 80”L x 27”W. High-quality residential ellipticals, in contrast, are usually between five and six feet long. Some can even be folded vertically to conserve floor space.
  2. Warranty: Like other refurbished elliptical trainers, the CT9100RD has a limited warranty. Replacement parts are provided for 90 days and labor is provided for 30 days.

Our Overall Review of the Life Fitness Cross Trainer

We wholeheartedly recommend purchasing a reconditioned Life Fitness machine. Generous programming, a comfortable 19.5” stride and total body training are just a few benefits of this luxury trainer. Trainees note a significant difference between this product and comparably priced residential trainers.

Although we normally emphasize the importance of getting a long warranty, exceptions can be made for reconditioned commercial trainers. Saving thousands of dollars on a very well-built Life Fitness product is absolutely worth the unlikely risk of needing to pay for parts or repairs. This product has a new MSRP of $4999 but sells reconditioned for about $2350.

Life Fitness CT9500HR Elliptical

The CT9500HR, or cross trainer 9500HR, is one of Life Fitness’s most popular ellipticals. Its advanced optional features include FitLinxx personal training, Broadcast Vision (a TV system), and Cardio Theater, which offers listening options such as the news and MTV.

Elliptical Hits: Features of the CT9500HR Elliptical


  • Long stride – The 19” stride is excellent for most average to tall users.
  • Excellent ergonomics – Customers consistently praise the ergonomics of Life Fitness cross trainers.
  • Entertainment – The 9500HR is the only Life Fitness elliptical with entertainment to complement its great ergonomics. Broadcast Vision and Cardio Theater are entertaining options that help people to exercise for longer.
  • Sturdiness – This solid machine has a 400-pound user weight capacity.
  • Extras – A cup holder and reading rack are included.

Elliptical Uncertainties: They Could’ve Done Better

  • Programming – The CT9500HR offers less-than-stellar workout variety with 9 programs. However, the machine has a useful feedback feature to help people get the most from each workout. Also, there are 20 resistance levels and the machine can be used in reverse mode.
  • OK warranty – This machine has just a one-year warranty on parts and labor. Life Fitness offers lifetime tech support.

Overall Rating for the Life Fitness CT9500HR Elliptical


The CT9500HR is a popular elliptical because of its great ergonomics and fun extras. While it has fewer programs than some other machines in its price class, this cross trainer offers enough distraction in the form of audio and visual entertainment to keep users moving. The cross trainer 9500HR can be expected to last for years despite its relatively short warranty.

Life Fitness Club Series Elliptical

Life Fitness elliptical trainers are especially known for their superior ergonomics and the Club Series Elliptical is no exception. This cross trainer is essentially a commercial-quality trainer that’s sized for residential use.

Elliptical Hits: Great Features of the Club Series Elliptical


  • Long stride – The 18” stride is great for shorter exercisers. Most other Life Fitness ellipticals have 20” or adjustable strides to let taller people stretch their legs sufficiently.
  • Comfortable pedals – The pedals on Life Fitness ellipticals are oversized for comfort.
  • Programming – The Club Series cross trainer include 18 preset programs, seven of which can be personalized. Users also get to choose between Total Body and Lower Body workout modes.
  • Wireless heart rate monitoring – This trainer is sold with a Polar chest strap. Users can also take pulse readings with the built-in sensors on the handlebars.
  • Sturdiness – This machine weighs 235 pounds and has a 350-pound user weight capacities.
  • Good warranties – Buyers get a lifetime warranty on the frame, a 3-year warranty on parts, and a year of labor.

Elliptical Misses: Drawbacks of the Life Fitness Club Series


  • Price – This high-quality machine has a high MSRP. Look for online discounts.
  • Fixed stride – Multi-user households might prefer a machine with an adjustable stride. The Life Fitness X8 has the same MSRP but has an 18”-24” adjustable stride. The less expensive X5 also has an adjustable stride.

Overall Rating for the Life Fitness Club Series Ellipticals


The Club Series is a club-quality trainer with a price tag to match. Overall, this would be a dream to find at a discount. Many users simply don’t need a machine that’s this good; they could get away with a cheaper elliptical.

Attractive features include great ergonomics, program variety, quiet operation, and durability. What more could you want? Some users would miss the extras that some other brands offer, such as an incline or an audio system. See the Smooth Fitness and Precor brands for comparison.

Life Fitness 95xi Elliptical

The 95xi is Life Fitness’s “green” elliptical. Since it’s user-powered, this cross trainer can be used anywhere in the home and won’t contribute to utility bills. This full-body workout machine features 30 workout programs and 25 resistance levels.

Elliptical Hits: Great Features of the 95xi Elliptical


  • Long stride The 20” stride is excellent for tall users.
  • Excellent ergonomics – Customers rave about this machine’s smooth stride. More than other ellipticals, it replicates the feeling of walking on a treadmill but is still ultra-low-impact.
  • Comfortable pedals – The 95xi has oversized and narrowly-spaced pedals to support a comfortable, natural stride.
  • Heart rate monitoring – Hand grip heart rate monitors and a wireless telemetry system are included.
  • Sturdiness – This heavy machine has a 350-pound user weight capacity.
  • Programming – The 95xi includes impressive variety with 30 workout programs and 25 resistance levels.

Elliptical Misses: Drawbacks of the Life Fitness 95xi Elliptical

  • Short warranty – This machine is remanufactured and is thus sold with just a 30-day parts warranty.

Overall Rating for Life Fitness 95xi Ellipticals


The 95xi is a remanufactured elliptical from a top brand. It boasts excellent ergonomics and offers plenty of workout variety.

The drawback of this machine is its short warranty. Although Life Fitness machines are known for their durability, customers would probably feel safer buying a machine with a longer warranty. Some options include the Life Fitness X8 and Precor ellipticals.