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Horizon E901 Elliptical

The E901 is a basic elliptical trainer by Horizon Fitness. This remarkably dependable yet inexpensive machine features a 19” stride, pivoting footpads, 16 resistance levels, and an iPod docking station with speakers.

Elliptical Hits: What You Get

The Horizon E901 elliptical has some good basics and appealing extras:


  • Resistance –With 16 resistance levels, the E901 can challenge a wide range of users. (Many elliptical machines have 20 resistance levels, and cheaper models sometimes have only 10.)


  • Long stride –The 19” stride length lets tall and average-height exercisers use a full range of motion.
  • Lower pedal height – Compared with other elliptical trainers, Horizon’s E901 lets users exercise closer to the ground.
  • Pivoting footpads – Pivoting pedals on the Horizon E901 encourage healthy natural movement. The narrow pedal spacing is also designed with comfort in mind.
  • Entertainment – The E901 elliptical includes an iPod dock and speaker system.
  • Warranty – The Horizon E901 is sold with a lifetime warranty on the frame and brakes, 2 years on other parts, and one year of labor. This beats the warranty packages of comparable brands.

Elliptical Errors: What’s Missing


  • Reliable brakes – Some users have complained that the resistance levels on the E901 don’t change immediately; they require a second or two to kick in.
  • Programs – With just 7 preset workout programs, some users will quickly tire of this machine.

Overall Rating for the Horizon E901


Some users have complained about weak brakes on the E901, but since the machine comes with a lifetime warranty on the brakes, buying purchasing this model seems like an OK gamble.

The Horizon E901 seems to be an average-quality elliptical and an overall good buy. It includes good exercise basics and a bit of entertainment, but it’s short on programs. Horizon’s next step up, the E1201 elliptical, is similar but adds a power incline and a heavier flywheel for more resistance.

Horizon CE6.0 Elliptical

Horizon’s CE6.0 is a good-looking mid-level elliptical trainer. This dependable machine includes 20 resistance levels, an adjustable stride, and an MP3 input line.

Elliptical Hits: What You Get

The Horizon CE6.0 elliptical scores well on the basics listed below.


  • Resistance –With 20 resistance levels, the CE6.0 can challenge a wide range of users.


  • Adjustable stride –The stride length is adjustable to accommodate users from 5’ to 6’. This model’s console also gets points for pleasing a range of users; the consoles on other ellipticals are too high for many petites.
  • Upper body exercise – The machine’s handlebars give users the option of exercising their arms and legs simultaneously.
  • Heart rate monitor – The integrated heart rate monitor makes it easier to exercise at just the right level for maximum cardiovascular benefits.
  • Quiet – Some ellipticals in this price range make a racket, but the Horizon CE6.0 has a reputation for running smoothly and quietly.
  • Entertainment – Exercise lasts longer with an iPod dock and built-in speakers.
  • Warranty – The Horizon CE6.0 is sold with a lifetime warranty on the frame and brakes and one year of labor.

What’s Missing


  • High capacity — The CE6.0 has a user capacity of 275. Other ellipticals are sturdy for users up to 350 pounds or more.

Overall Rating for the Horizon CE6.0


The CE6.0 is a solid mid-level machine. It offers enough program variety to keep exercise interesting, and the low-impact exercise is made especially comfortable with an adjustable stride and ergonomic pedals. The MP3 player invites extra distraction, and the machine is quiet enough to enjoy in front of a TV. The Horizon CE6.0 elliptical has a decent warranty and is likely to provide several years of dependable training.

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