Horizon EX 76 Elliptical

Horizon EX 76 Elliptical – Great Value for Less than $1000

Horizon’s EX 76 elliptical is a solid, affordable incline trainer for home use. Features like a steep incline, a high capacity and an adjustable stride length aren’t often found together in the sub-$1000 price category. Nonetheless, the EX 76 (a 2008 model) has been discontinued. You can still find it online with a one-year parts warranty and a lifetime frame warranty.

This trainer is better than the average low-priced option for beginners and moderate-level trainees of most sizes. We’d give it an even higher rating if it had a longer parts warranty. If you’re deciding between the EX 75 and this option, we recommend the EX 76 without reservations. It’s a significant upgrade for little price difference.

Features of the Horizon EX 76 (A Discontinued Elliptical Trainer)

The sleek EX 76 console has an easy-to-read LED matrix that provides four simultaneous readouts. It includes 16 workout programs with manual, incline, interval, weight loss, random and custom modes. The console also features an MP3 port, two speakers, a headphone jack and a pocket for an MP3 player. Other specs include:

  • Front Drive
  • 14.5-Lb. Flywheel
  • 16 Resistance Levels
  • 18”-19″ Variable Stride
  • Cushioned Foot Pads
  • Pivoting Pedals
  • 16 Workout Modes
  • Power Incline to 16°
  • Contact Heart Rate Grips
  • Wireless Heart Rate Monitor
  • Contoured Handlebars
  • 300-Lb. Capacity
  • One Year Parts & Labor Warranty
  • One Year Frame & Brake Warranty

Customer Comments about the Horizon EX 76

Customers are very happy with this machine’s stability. It weighs 220 pounds and is quiet during operation. After spending about 30 minutes on assembly, most owners don’t need to spend much time tightening bolts or otherwise fiddling with the machine to keep it quiet. It’s probably not worth paying for professional assembly.

Some people have complained about this unit’s pedal angle in their elliptical reviews. If a person’s feet slide forward, their toes get squished. Customers can remedy this problem by adding traction to the pedal surface; this keeps their feet from sliding forward. Using the incline also helps.

Our Overall Review of the Horizon EX 76 Crosstrainer

You’ve happened upon a pretty good elliptical trainer. While other sub-$1000 trainers are made of cheap plastic, this model is made of heavy steel and won’t wobble under strenuous use. It can easily compete with rear-drive models that cost a few hundred dollars more. The 16° incline is especially attractive because of how it helps sculpt muscles and increase the rate of calorie burn during elliptical training.

Still, the EX 76 isn’t for everyone. Some trainees will need a longer stride or heavier resistance. Also, people who are willing to spend more can take advantage of technological advances that have been made since this crosstrainer’s debut. For example, elliptical trainers with touch screens and iFit personal training have become more affordable.