Horizon E701 Elliptical

The Horizon E701 elliptical machine is no longer being produced but is widely available online. Dick’s Sporting Goods and Amazon seem to have acquired the largest collections of this discount model. The E701 is best suited to lighter-weight beginners. It has an 18” stride and remains stable for trainees weighing about 200 pounds or less.

Originally retailing for about $800, this Horizon elliptical trainer never found its market. Customers generally preferred to either spend much less on other Horizon crosstrainers or spend about $1000 to get more solid machines. You can now find the E701 for about $700 or less online.

Features of the Horizon E701

The E701 is inexpensive yet has a few better-than-basic features. Highlights include an MP3 player port, a cooling fan and pivoting footplates.  The full specs list includes:

  • Front Drive
  • 14 lb. Flywheel
  • 275-Lb. Capacity
  • 18” Stride
  • Pivoting Pedals
  • 10 Resistance Levels
  • Magnetic Resistance
  • 14 Programs
  • Contact Heart Rate Monitor
  • Bottle Holder
  • Cooling Fan
  • MP3 Port
  • Lifetime Frame & Brake Warranty
  • One Year Parts & Labor Warranty

The Specs Interpreted

On paper the Horizon E701 looks best for beginners. The 14-pound flywheel provides relatively light resistance and doesn’t create an ultra-smooth feel.

The specs also make this unit best for people who aren’t very tall or heavy. The 18” stride is adequate for adults of shorter to average heights. As with most low-cost ellipticals, this unit doesn’t quite meet its advertised weight capacity.  If you weigh about 200 pounds or more, you might want a sturdier machine.

The E701 elliptical includes a few perks: a bottle holder, a fan and an MP3 port. The contact heart rate monitor is a convenient touch but isn’t as accurate as the wireless monitors on more expensive trainers.

The one-year parts warranty is disappointing for an $800 investment. This model isn’t so durable and buyers have advised getting an extended warranty.

Customer Reviews of the E701 Elliptical

The E701 didn’t sell well because it fell into murky territory. Many potential buyers opted for ultra-cheap Horizon elliptical trainers instead or spent a few hundred dollars more elsewhere to get better value. Those who bought the E701 haven’t given it great reviews. Here are some key points:

  • This machine is very imperfect and sometimes requires clever duct taping and other home remedies to keep its noise level down.
  • Complaints mentioned in customers’ elliptical reviews usually involve missing or damaged parts. Brides-to-be and others with specific fitness deadlines have been especially disappointed by slow customer service when replacement parts are needed.
  • When all parts are included with the original shipment, customers generally report easy assembly.
  • Some reviewers have mentioned that the stride feels awkward compared with those of rear-drive trainers.

Our Overall Review of the E701 Crosstrainer

The discontinued Horizon E701 has plenty of strong competitors. These might cost a bit more but they tend to woo away potential buyers. Given its shortcomings, this trainer is only recommended when it’s sold for $700 or less.

It really is worth spending about $1000 on a better unit. Most elliptical trainers at the $1000 level are more durable. You’ll get a smoother, quieter ride and more effective workouts. You can easily find elliptical trainers in various price categories by consulting our comparison charts.